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Big Sky Montana Beef
Malek Angus Ranch
Highwood MT 59450
Tel. 406-733-6200
Tel. 800-601-4382

We raise Big Sky Montana Beef cattle exclusively on Montana ranges in the unhurried, natural way: fed on nutritious grasses and grain for flavor and tenderness.

All natural Big Sky Montana Beef (Malek Angus Beef) tastes extra flavorful because it comes from fully mature, free-range cattle. Our humane treatment and care in their handling assure you beef of excellence! Big Sky Montana Beef cattle receive no added growth hormones or steroids, and because healthy land produces healthy animals, Malek Angus cattle are kept robust and healthy naturally-without the need for antibiotics. Big Sky Montana Beef (Malek Angus) cattle are born and raised in Montana, and never importedfrom abroad .

Aside from whole, 1/2, and 1/4 beefs, we also offer steaks, hamburger, roasts, salami, pattied hamburger, polish sausages and beef jerky products.

All products have been USDA inspected, and are hormone free natural ANGUS BEEF products, shrink wrapped and delivered to your home.


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