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Benefits of a Membership in the Made In Montana Catalog

The Montana Catalog is designed to help Made in Montana businesses sell their products online.  We have designed our catalog to perform very well in the search engines, which is getting more and more challenging for most small businesses.  Once a consumer searches "made in montana" in a search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc) they will find us, and if you are listed with us, they can easily find your particular Montana made products.  Currently, we are averaging 4000 - 5000 unique visitors per month to our site, traffic which can help you sell through us or be directed to your own website.

   YOU CAN BECOME A MEMBER FOR FREE!     Click here to register.

The Montana Catalog has many features designed to help online shoppers and searchers find both your business and your products.

  1.  Montana Business Directory.  Our database is one of the largest sources for Montana Businesses anywhere, similar to the white pages in the phone book.  Click here to view our directory.  You must register to get an enhanced listing, similar to the yellow pages.  A Membership includes a graphical banner ad and expanded company description. Your banner ad rotates throughout the site to increase the amount of times a customer will see it. A click on your banner ad takes the customer directly to your company profile page.
  2. Company Profile Page.  This is an entire page devoted to your company including your contact information, banner ad, and long text description.  Text is important because that is the primary tool the search engines use to evaluate valid search results.  We now have the ability to offer you a Montana Catalog URL, so that if you don't have your own web page, you can still have a personalized web address for your products. Advertise with your Made in Montana product web address on stationary, paper ads, and business cards. (Ex:
  3. Montana Products Catalog.  Another major benefit is our Made in Montana product listings.  Click here to view a few of our product listings. We have many categories and are adding more all the time.  We would especially like to increase our offerings of huckleberry, jerky, chocolate, leather, and Native American products.  A membership allows you to put in up to 4 products initally, with the ability to add to that.  Just like the Company Profile, each product listing allows you to add lots of search engine friendly text, a picture, and pricing information.  When someone wants to buy, they simply "checkout" and send you an email order which you can respond to as you see fit. 
   YOU CAN BECOME A MEMBER FOR FREE!     Click here to register.
  • We exist to help Producers of Made in Montana products find buyers, and help customers quickly and easily find and purchase Montana-made goods directly from the producers.
  • The Montana Catalog does not stock products. We offer online advertising to Montana product makers.
  • Montana Catalog does not 'take-a-cut' from sales.
  • Customer Orders are sent directly to you via email and you fulfill them yourself in whatever way works best for you.
  • Montana Catalog does not process or fulfill orders, though if demand is high enough we may add this service in the future.
  • We hope to add a full line of marketing services including a printed catalog, logo and package design, accounting, legal, etc.


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